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Destek Tekstil’s sucess story starts in 1978 from the fabric lan of Istanbul “Sultanhamam”.  Family continues their drapery profession in Istanbul after they move from Anatolia. While the family continued their drapery business Adnan Yelmen decided to change his path in 1995 and set up his own business for selling pocketing. This was his first step to a world wide partnership. As soon as he started his pocketing business in Merter he started working with top denim manufacturer’s in Turkey. Yelmen explains his early years as a company owner as follows “The service and the quick solutions we adapted in our business model has resulted in our company being well known by top manufacturers producing for World wide companies. By supplying those companies we had the chance to follow up the changing trends, new qualities and designs. At the same we had the chance to develop our relationship with the World wide brands we worked with.
Opening to the World with QST Industries
2013, the breakthrough for the pocketing business have started at this year and the partnership agreement with probably one of the biggest producers of pocketing business established in late 1880’s “QST” was signed. With this partnership Adnan Yelmen had the opportunity to reach out to nearly all denim producers World wide. Adnan Yelmen explains the partnership as follows in his own words “with this partnership agreement we started to follow up the fashion and production trends all around the World. We shared all the information and the products we received with the local manufacturers. With this flow of information our customers had the chance to present all the new technology, quality and design alternatives to their customers and I believe that this gave them a head start against their competitors.
In order to be persistand we need to establis our own brands.
With its current production capacity Destek tekstil is producing pocketing for 30 million denim pants a year where 85% of those pants are exported. Adnan Yelmen explains the research and development process as follows; “Denim consists of different variety of components and according to their reaction they go through different chemical washing processes. Because of that we carry out our reserch and development processes together with the chemical suppliers and washing facilities. Turkey has high quality standarts among its competitors and I beleive it will continue to be the worlds number 1 denim manufacturing country in the following years.” In order to be persistant in the market Yelmen think that it is essential to create our own brands rather than manufacturing for foreign brands. Secondly he thinks that the industry needs to put more focus on sustainable articles and social responsibility projects. Being aware of all those aspects Destek Tekstil continues to develop its trust based, result oriented relationship with its customers in order for our country to reach its desired target.